Liza’s Earrings” is a design shared on Thingiverse by Todd Blatt under Creative Commons – Attribution (CC BY 4.0).

We used the following printer and print profile settings to produce this part:

Rigur Resin 0.028mm Stratasys Objet30 Prime 294 x 192 x 148.6 mm

This print was chosen to highlight one of the many ways 3D printing can be used in the fashion industry, including in jewellery and wearables. In this case we’re printing a pair of earrings, called “Liza’s Earrings”, that were created and shared by designer Todd Blatt on Thingiverse. Liza’s Earrings serve as a demonstration of jewellery prototyping, which represents a typical request received from fashion and design companies, students, and enthusiasts.

With such small gaps and fine strands making up the design, we needed a printer that could produce a precise and dimensionally accurate part. The Objet30 Prime is the most accurate printer we offer, which is capable of printing layers as fine as 0.016 mm, as opposed to 0.06mm on our best FDM printer. We chose to print the earrings at 0.028 mm as that would provide sufficiently accurate layers and no visible striations (layer lines) while reducing the print time.

The earrings are 41.15 x 47.84 x 16.8 mm and took approximately 2 hours to print. The Objet30 Prime uses a gelatin-like support material in the printing process, and this needed cleaning after being removed from the build plate. Rigur is one of our more delicate materials, a trade off for its superior surface quality, so great care was taken during the cleaning process, which took roughly 30-60 minutes.

The resulting print is high quality enough to be used as a finished piece of jewellery and is suitable for priming and painting for that extra finish. Alternatively, Rigur produces a surface quality that makes it ideal for moulding to assist with production, and the 3d design process means the part can be iterated on with ease.

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