Our range of printers allow us to work with a variety of materials, each with their unique properties, so we’ve provided an overview of each material below.

On the left side of the page is the latest case study for each material. Click on the title or image to be taken to the full post, or click the ‘Case Studies [material name]’ link to see all case studies of that specific material.

The right side of the page gives an overview of each material. This includes links to case studies, a selection of properties of the material, the ability to select specific printers that use the material, and links to the Safety and Technical Data Sheets.

Mixed Nuts and Bolts

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Mixed Nuts and Bolts (aka "NUT JOB | Nut, Bolt, Washer and Threaded Rod Factory") is a design shared on Thingiverse by Mike_Mattala under Creative Commons - Attribution - Share…

Tough PLA

Tough PLA has an impact strength similar and higher stiffness compared to Ultimaker ABS. Tough PLA is less brittle than regular PLA and gives a more matte surface finish quality

  • Tensile Modulus: 1820 MPa
  • Flexural Modulus: 2490 MPa
  • Impact (Izod): 9kJ/m²
  • Glass Transition: 62°C
  • Tensile Modulus: 2447-2865 MPa
  • Flexural Modulus: 2447-2865 MPa
  • Impact (Izod): 3.74-4.37 kJ/m²
  • Glass Transition: 55-60°C

Iris Box

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“Print-in-Place Iris Box (remix)” is a design shared on Thingiverse by LoboCNC under Creative Commons – Attribution - Share Alike (CC BY-SA 3.0). We used the following printer and print…


PLA has good tensile strength and surface quality, but is more brittle than Tough PLA. PLA allows the creation of high-resolution parts, and there is a wide range of colour options available.

  • Tensile Modulus: 2346.5 MPa
  • Flexural Modulus: 3150.0 MPa
  • Impact (Izod): 5.1 kJ/m²
  • Glass Transition: ~60°C
  • Young’s Modulus: 2636 MPa
  • Flexural Modulus: 3283 MPa
  • Impact (Charpy): 2.7 kJ/m²
  • Glass Transition: 61°C

RC Lorry Tyre

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This “Lorry Tyre” is a design shared on Thingiverse by Samantha Durn under Creative Commons – Attribution (CC BY 4.0). We used the following printer and print profile settings to…


TPU95a is a flexible rubber-like material with exceptional wear and tear resistance and a high impact strength. It is also has good corrosion resistance to many common industrial oils and chemicals.

  • Tensile Modulus: 26 MPa
  • Flexural Modulus: 78.7 MPa
  • Impact (Izod): 34.4 kJ/m²
  • Glass Transition: -24°C